This is John Moses Browning’s Government model, the World War special, shrunk down to a…,, 14 of the World’s Most Powerful Handguns – 2020. The .440 Cor-Bon dwarfs all the other big-bore semi-auto handgun calibers on this list when it comes to sheer power and speed. It was also the most powerful handgun in mass production—that is, until the introduction of the .50 Action Express round and the accompanying .50 caliber Desert Eagle handgun. The most effective handgun round currently on the commercial market is the Federal .357 Magnum 125 grain jacketed hollow point (357B). We’ll be more than happy to include them on our list. But I digress. If you feel like we might have forgotten to add any other popular handgun calibers in this article, feel free to reach out to us by either sending us an email or just simply posting a comment below. If he were still going strong today, this is the gun that Dirty Harry would carry. 45acp makes bigger holes. Developed in 1904 by a … Yes, quite possibly, in which case have all the fun in the world. If the newer Automag pistols turn out to be cheaper than Deagles I’d gladly get one for bear. Here are the worlds most powerful hunting rifle calibers, in descending order, based solely on developed muzzle energy. So, my list now covers 34 handgun calibers, with over 1,700 entries. Unlike how we compared semi-auto handgun calibers for self defense, for hunting, we are including velocity and muzzle energy as two very important key metrics. It remained primarily the province of handgun enthusiasts, some law enforcement personnel and hunters until 1971, when Clint Eastwood made it famous as "the most powerful handgun in the world" in the movie Dirty Harry. Here it’s a novelty. Then it can drop deer, or even Elk if you’re good. Are these supremely powerful handguns a good idea as a home defense gun in the typical United States home? Inevitably you can fit a handgun scope or red dot up there, depending on your preference. Nope. However, if you already know the type of usage you want, you can go right to the part of our guide which tells you our top choices. That’s why it’s here. To see a list of calibers based simply on muzzle energy, see the Most Powerful Calibers page. I don’t like messing with bullets so I have no personal experience with spoon tips. 9mm Luger. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of revolvers on the market today that can shoot this potent round. Since 2001, we have provided the latest in gun rights news, tech reviews and product information. So get one now! If you’re curious about handgun hunting, then check out the best hunting handguns here, with revolvers and long slide semi autos aplenty. We only have five semi-auto handgun calibers on our list for hunting large game. Not anymore. The .38 Special standard pressure round will be cheaper but except for a very few misfits who carry old alloy revolvers, the majority of handgunners consider it pointless. It’s known for chambering the largest cartridge of any gas-operated, … These lists contain the current popular calibres and some wildcats. This is specialist ammunition, but it’s fairly easy to find. How a particular caliber performs after the shooter pulls a gun’s trigger, how fast a bullet travels, what kind of trajectory it has, what kind of wound cavities it’s able to create upon impacting tissue, etc., these are the things that come to mind when I hear that word. And you could knock a wall down, not just penetrate through it. While in general, revolvers can only accept rimmed cartridges, some revolvers have a cylinder recess for moon clips out of the box, and moon clips allow for rimless cartridges to be chambered in appropriate-caliber revolvers. It’s still the most powerful semi-automatic handgun in the world by a long way and that must be for good reason. That’s what makes older cartridges like the .260 great. With the real big guns on this list you’ll need to reset after each shot unless you’re built like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime. If for nothing else, a bullet with too much muzzle energy will be more difficult to shoot accurately and rapidly. Conclusion. But mostly that’s just because people want something new, even if they don’t really need something new. The only thing that should concern anyone when choosing a semi-auto handgun caliber just for plinking is price. A few gunsmiths have even gone as far as to create handguns that fire massive rifle cartridges … The single-shot Thompson/Center Contender G2 pistol looks like a novelty, until you delve beneath the surface. As far as muzzle energy, the .40 Super is the top dog, but availability issues have been hounding this cartridge since the company that manufactured it went out of business. Taurus is on a roll of late with the spectacular polymer Taurus G2C and Taurus G3, but the revolvers were always the stuff of legend. That is precisely the point of the Ellifritz article the author references. With the above information in mind, we recommend you consider one key thing before you make your decision – what do you want out of your gun? The little Ruger is life insurance, in small revolver form, and the 454 Casull round is not something to be toyed with. The Taurus 454 Raging Bull is a double-action, ultra-magnum power, revolver … But what of the bullet’s nose? Truthfully it’s a terrible personal defense gun and it really needs to be laid out on sandbags, or on a bipod, to get the best from it. The most powerful handguns on sale are a different ballgame now and handgun calibers just keep getting bigger as the technology emerges to contain them. In fact this looks like an almost sensible compromise of impact, capacity and packaging. Rural or residential? I personally wouldn’t want a revolver in .45 Long Colt though. That comes with a steel sleeve and aluminum housing, and it’s all ported to fight muzzle rise. And it sure does pack a punch through a long barrel revolver like this. That’s where this lump of stainless steel comes into its own. 15466. Taurus Raging Bull. I suspect you might not say that about the BFR. It is trailed closely by the 9mm at $0.35, while its bigger rimmed brother the .22 WMR (Winchester Magnum Rimfire — or .22 Magnum) comes in third at double the .22 LR’s price.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'gunnewsdaily_com-leader-1','ezslot_1',124,'0','0'])); Now we get into the meat of our semi-auto handgun caliber discussion. That’s kind of the point. All experienced revolver men should carry the Federal 357B in a .357 Revolver, or the Remington full-power 125 grain semi … No, for all kinds of reasons, including the fact that you have to be a certain size to handle the gun at all. Even in the old weapons, it made a more than respectable 1050fps with a shove from the black powder. To see a list of calibers based simply on muzzle energy, see the Most Powerful Calibers page. With a speedloader, or a high-capacity 9mm as a completely separate option, this little gun can easily form part of a self-defense system. And we can’t dismiss the merits of the .380 ACP — it deserves some kind of recognition if only for the fact that some of the smallest handguns on the market are chambered for it (if you need more info you can check out this thread). You can also order a version in 6.5 Creedmoor, .223 Remington, AAC 300 Blackout and possibly more. It largely comes out on top and only the price of the ammo will kerb your shooting. Looking at the chart above, the XVR can propel a 300-grain projectile out of its 8-3/8-inch barrel at 2,080 feet per second, which makes the .460 S&W Magnum the fastest and theoretically most accurate long-range hunting round on this list. The pricing, though, can be all over the place. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Ruger has some Blackhawks and there are a few Dan Wesson revolvers floating around for sale on the interwebz. No is the answer most of us come up with. Handguns are not powerful compared to rifles. I love this video, mainly for the proper cowboy accent. And are there things about it I might not be aware of? It’s a good-looking, well proportioned, big-bore production revolver with an accurate 8.375-inch barrel. It might not be the most dramatic, but it could be the best handgun here by a long way. Most popular caliber for both rifles and handguns in the US between 1940 and 1960 would be the .22 Long Rifle. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. You can speedload it, you can group the shots and this is just about the most powerful handgun you could rapid fire if you really focus. Gotta say this is a poor article. It’s just a big damned revolver. It’s versatile, it’s fun and it’s probably as much gun as any reasonable person wants or needs. But let’s not belabor that point. It’s about … Granted, a smaller and lighter revolver will have significantly more recoil than a bigger and heavier one, but when you’re only a few meters away from a charging bear, recoil shouldn’t be an issue no matter how recoil shy you are because you’ll get high on adrenaline. It is overly simple to say one gun is more accurate than another, and you should instead focus on this by incorporating your own skills and preferences. The.44 Mag. To make the comparisons simpler, we decided not to include any revolver cartridges in this list. There are cheaper options all the time, though, which make the Glock G40 10mm an increasingly sexy handgun. If you didn’t have time to read through the entirety of this article, here’s everything summarized: Our Recommendation for buying Ammo Online lately is LuckyGunner. Of course, I’m looking at valid reasons for using a hand cannon, like practical applications. Still, if money isn’t an issue and you’re considering buying (or if you just happen to own) a Desert Eagle chambered in .50 AE, you’d be pleased to know that its 50-caliber round is the most affordable semi-auto handgun caliber for hunting large game.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'gunnewsdaily_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_10',126,'0','0'])); All the other calibers on the graph above are close to obsolescence if they’re not already obsolete — except maybe for the .44 AMP (Automag Pistol). With a new barrel, this break action pistol can accommodate everything from 22LR to 45/70 Government. The Semi-Auto Solution. The range-topping stuff that makes the gun worthwhile can be well over a dollar a round. Just…. The type of sights on a firearm also have a direct influence on accuracy. For experienced shooters the headings of most of the columns above are probably self-explanatory. There is ammo out there that brings it to life, like it was intended. The best stopping power is a complex mix of many different factors, including how fast the round is traveling and what it does when it enters the attacker’s body. But, if you use slugs, then it’s a totally different proposition and you get range, as well as power. There are debates raging on the forums about the difference between this and the 44 Magnum, which means it’s close enough for this to be an option and it is proven bear defense. This is a legend that has been with us since 1967 and it’s pretty much every single hunting pistol you want. This is also what real stopping power feels like and you might just be able to wield one of these as personal defense. Probably…. This massive, five chamber revolver comes from Minnesota and it’s a game-hunting handgun that’s essentially firing rifle ammo. This shouldn’t really come as a surprise. You can speedload it, so it has a massive tick in the plus column there, and the stainless steel S&W X-frame is big, but the ergonomics all work. For this fun, Taurus seems to have taken some inspiration from the folks at S&W with an aftermarket look balanced barrel. Basically the specs are the same as a 41 mag. The BFR is touted by the company as “the most powerful production single-action made” with a dozen calibers on two frame sizes. So drop one clip, load another and you’ve got another severn shots of 300gr Hornady hollowpoints. If you carry a Taurus Judge or a S&W Governor, you made a good choice. These guns really don’t belong in this company, but they’re powerful in their own special way and we like the effort. A shortened spinoff, the .40 S&W, garnered widespread acclaim and rapidly became one of the most popular defensive handgun calibers. Just sayin …. Another good old-fashioned wheelgun, but this one can handle the infamous 454 Casull rounds. Plus, if you carry a more powerful gun with more rounds than what has been assigned to ynifir police officers, many courts will decide that you were not in a self-defense situation but you were actually an aggressor posing as a victim. At $1.12 per round, it is the cheapest of all large game revolver cartridges as shown on the chart above. The most powerful handguns on sale are a different ballgame now and handgun calibers just keep getting bigger as the technology emerges to contain them. There were a number of custom calibers that were more powerful, as in the old Howdah pistols of the 19th century. Without getting into too much detail, depending on a particular gun’s design, the bore’s measurement alone doesn’t represent the “caliber”. If you’ve never shot a long barrel magnum revolver before, you’re missing out on a lot. It’s the wrong gun, but you could so do the line: “Do you feel Lucky?” It could be a bonding moment…. This would still work for that kind of dangerous game, but look close and you’ll see this handgun has evolved. the spoon tips for the 7.5mm FK BRNO which is so brand new I decided not to include it in my list) — then again if you really want to, no one’s stopping you. The problem with “obvious differences in stopping power” is that there aren’t any between handgun calibers. Havoc Man. It’s pretty cool. For example, if you mainly want to hunt varmint, skip to the guns in our guide which mention they are great for hunting varmint. Stick with this video for the slow-motion gel, watermelon and soda pop destruction. 454 Casull isn’t quite a rifle round. And there’s that obscure revolver design called the Medusa M47, a multi-caliber revolver that allows around 25 different handgun calibers measuring .35 inches in diameter to be chambered in it. And maybe consider owning one again, one day…. It’s a serious handgun cartridge and that turns a gun like this into an easy investment. Again, cheaper ammo means more practice, and more practice means more venison on the table for less. The most effective handgun round currently on the commercial market is the Federal .357 Magnum 125 grain jacketed hollow point (357B). These are big-bore handguns designed for big game hunting and survival in big bear country, which is about the toughest test the American population is ever going face. As far as terminal performance is concerned, when comparing handgun calibers within the same category, bullet design trumps muzzle energy. It’ll cost around ~$1,000 but you get what you pay for. Ultimately 38 Special/357 magnum if combined would actually make its way up to #7 and push 7.62×39 even further down the list, shockingly enough. The learning and spending curve is steep in the LR community, especially in the top tier. The graph below shows, again, that the venerable .357 Magnum being one of the cheapest revolver calibers on the market today is the go-to round for when you want to hunt deer and you don’t have a lot of buck to spend (pun not intended). Sounds pretty straightforward, but accuracy also depends on a lot of other variables outside of the shooter’s marksmanship skills. This is a sniper rifle of a revolver, designed to be used with a bi-pod and scope. That could be a lifesaver. FPS Russia Shirts - me:!/thefpshowClick to tweet this vid: Yes, I’ve heard people sanding solid copper bullets to give them “spoon tips”. Handguns of the World (Ezell) 9.4mm Dutch El Revolver (9.4×27mm Dutch).380 in (9.7 mm) 1.071 in (27.2 mm) 1.295: Rimmed, tapered: Handguns of the World (Ezell) Cartridge name Bullet diameter Case length Cartridge length Type Source.38-40 Winchester (.38-40 WCF).401 in (10.2 mm) 1.300 in (33.0 mm) 1.590 in (40.4 mm) Rimmed: Barnes 1997, p. 92 .41 Short Colt Colt Navy Mod 1851, cal .36 The Colt 1851 Navy Revolver is a cap and ball revolver that was designed by Samuel Colt between 1847 and 1850. For these two reasons, anyone dead serious about becoming the most bad-ass handgun-toting varmint exterminator should really look into getting a Taurus Tracker M17, a medium-frame revolver similar to the Model 627 and comes in 6- or 8.5-inch heavy barrel. But for revolvers, the majority (14) are cartridges that can take down the biggest game animals in the world. At $0.40 a pop, the 10mm can double as a self-defense round against large two-legged critters (including but not limited to bad guys and bears) and as a good whitetail round. Ergo accuracy as a metric will not be used. It can fire up to 7 rounds of .50 A.E ammunition. Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Pistol. This article was first published in Unapologetically American. Furthermore, the bullet exit is protected from too much wear and tear by a special technique used in the bore. Shot placement is the single most important factor in stopping an assailant. But .357 is not powerful enough to take down a Brown bear who is charging at you. So now you can own an 1800s hunting pistol then the only question that remains is do you want to? You’ve been warned. Theoretically, anyone can place well-aimed heart and head shots in their target given ample time and practice. Pinterest. So get your Magnum Research BFR now and just know that Clint Eastwood approves. By. What it has going for it is the fact that all .38 Special revolvers are lighter and relatively smaller compared to even the smallest revolvers in .357 like Ruger’s SP101, making them easier to carry concealed. 1) you left off 45-70 bfr revolver. For years, the Smith & Wesson Model 29 handgun held the crown of the most powerful handgun in mass production. Granted it’s about as expensive as a 9mm round-per-round but it is faster and its smaller diameter means it’ll have a higher ballistic coefficient, perfect for taking out those pesky rodents from up to a hundred yards away. Sometimes you just want to own the most powerful handgun in the world. The company cornered the market in big bore revolvers for a while and this one is actually a detuned compromise. It’s a production revolver chambered in 50 Cal, what more do you want exactly? Round per round, the .38 Special +P isn’t that much more expensive compared to the .357 magnum, it’s only a $0.07 difference at most. However, we are aware of obscure designs that allow for certain revolver cartridges to chamber in some semi-auto handguns (e.g. Why is the .357 Magnum the cheapest on the list? A little bird told me that the patents to the original Automag pistols have been bought by a newly formed firearms manufacturer who named their company after the pistols they’re looking to re-introduce to the enthusiast market. This is, S&W 629 Performance Center Stealth Hunter model, Disclaimer Policy And FTC Affiliate Disclosure |. Caliber is a method of categorizing guns, but there are many other important factors that go into a gun’s performance, so this will not usually be the ultimate factor in what makes a gun perfect for you. Overall, this list of the top 20 calibers shouldn’t surprise you. Bullet shapes and designs, firearm sights and barrel rifling are really broad topics and we are not talking about those in this article. These high caliber handguns sit on the hip and in the jeeps of guides all across Africa, who know what it takes to dissuade a charging wild animal from taking bite-sized chunks out the tourists. You can also order another cylinder, chambered for another caliber, and shoot 357 Magnum or 40S&W. Pfeifer-Zeliska .600 Nitro Express Revolver. Facebook. The .38 Spl. From the Ruger 10/22 to AR style 22 LR firearms and advanced competition firearms. The graph above shows that the .45 Long Colt +P will be leagues above other self defense revolver calibers on our list, while the standard pressure load should be on par with a .45 ACP. Right? Hollywood lied to us during a movie? Some bullet shapes and designs have a higher ballistic coefficient, making them much more accurate than others. It depends how forgiving you are. You’ll lose some top end power, but not much. It was a blackpowder round and it went on to become a staple of the cowboy world. It’s a .44 mag. It is still one of the most common calibers in existence, but manufacturers are slowing down on producing.45 ACP handguns. It’s a much longer and stronger 45 Colt round, in essence. Max Prasac-October 14, 2014. Focus on the gray bars on the chart below and you’ll see why. So much variety, it would seem, that it can be a little overwhelming when trying to figure out what caliber is best for you. Game animals on the other hand, well there are just too many species to compare. Is the.44 Magnum still the most powerful handgun in the world? The Taurus Raging Bull in .44 Magnum can be had for only $300 in the used market, while the more expensive but more robustly built Ruger Super Redhawk is selling for as low as $500 used. Is the Remington 700-CP even a pistol? It has the long double action, or the crisp single action with the hammer thumbed back. The Pedersoli is more of a novelty item than a hunting tool these days. With die-hard, rabid fans who swear by the round it’s no surprise that one of the most popular handgun calibers is the venerable .45 ACP. It’s still a great gun, but it is lost among these handgun calibers. If you don’t already have a .40 Super handgun, don’t bother buying one. 10mm ammo was basically Unobtanium. The whole gun weighs 1.69lb, it’s just over seven inches long and it will work as an EDC. Let’s take a closer look at these ten handgun calibers. Here are our top tips for the best places to buy ammo, and direct links to save you time looking for the right handgun cartridge. Instead, the bare minimum I would recommend for big game is the .357 Maximum, a more powerful version of the .357 Magnum. People often wonder what is the most powerful handgun. This may be the scariest production revolver on the planet, if you're judging … This is no self-defense handgun. It’s slow to load, so you might want to think twice about packing this as a last line of defense against wild animals. Hatsan Model 25 Supercharger. It’s here if you want it…. I have an Excel file where I list ballistics for handgun and rifle ammo, where each entry is a link to a web page where you can buy the ammo. The cheaper the ammo, the more bang for your buck (literally). eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'gunnewsdaily_com-leader-2','ezslot_11',128,'0','0'])); As with varmint small caliber specifications for semi-auto handguns, the .22 LR is still the cheapest revolver round for hunting varmint. Top 3 Most Powerful Air Pistol Reviews 1. Of course, the caliber is a very important consideration, but we have already divided these guns based on caliber. Gun gurus once considered 9mm Luger ammunition to be underpowered, best for shooters who couldn’t or wouldn’t “man-up” and shoot the big boy .45 ACP caliber cartridge. Being the self-critical person that I am, it made me ask myself: Were there ever times I might have also misused that word? These are just what we think are the most common handgun calibers you’ll see out there. Since the chamber is most of the time a few hundredths of an inch wider than the bore and the chamber is part of that “long cylinder-shaped part of a gun”, that definition is inaccurate. Not anymore. By strongest I mean most powerful in raw power, take down power, etc. It’s probably the one you want for home defense, unless you spend serious time in the great American wilderness. Being the eternal cheapskate that I am, even if the .50 AE costs only $1.50 per round, I wouldn’t buy a Desert Eagle to hunt large game. That’s barrel is 14 inches, and so you need to do this gun justice with proper technique and your own particular brand of hunting prowess. The Picatinny Rail runs the full length and finishes up in some pretty impressive adjustable rear sights. This is a classic Blackhawk chambered for 45 Long Colt, if that’s what tickles your fancy. The Ruger Super Redhawk 454 Casull with a 2.5 inch barrel is basically the pocket pistol from Hell. For protection against bears or just attempting to look cool at the range, there are handgun calibers even more powerful than .44 Magnum..454 Casull, .50 AE, and .500 Magnum are all options if you hate your hands and your wallet. Again all things considered, I wouldn’t hunt large game with any of the handgun calibers mentioned here, just because of the fact that big bore revolvers and cartridges designed for those are easier to come by. So simply think of how you want to be using your gun, and let us do the hard work for you. And there are simply a lot of popular bullet designs out there which is a topic for another day.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'gunnewsdaily_com-banner-1','ezslot_19',122,'0','0'])); Since this article is about handgun calibers, we will not be talking about bullet designs, which is why we are not using terminal performance as a metric. Reflex sights and red dot sights are great for faster target acquisition but are expensive. In this list, we broke down the categories of caliber based on the launching platform and intended use of the gun. It’s still a great gun, but it is lost among these handgun calibers. ReddIt. In general, semi-auto handguns can only use rimless cartridges because rimmed cartridges are difficult to stack in box-type magazines. So, ummm, yeah you decide. We included both 22-caliber rimfire rounds again, because as mentioned earlier, there are just a lot of semi-auto handguns and revolvers chambered for those two. It is closely trailed by the 9×23 Winchester, but if we put price in the equation the more affordable 10mm sitting right smack in the middle of the graph should be fast enough with its average velocity of 1,350 feet per second and will be more than adequate for whitetail with its 728 ft.lbf of muzzle energy. Might be surprised at how little you know about this often used term ascending order based on the today! Soda pop destruction power by Greg Drobny weapons, it is also understandable things... Be carried concealed rifles and handguns in this section, we are to. Adjustable most powerful handgun calibers fixed iron sights latest in gun rights news, tech reviews and product.! Just better and it offers something different to a simple mission damage can! Nothing else, a 9mm Luger travels at approximately 1,100 to 1,200 feet per.! Platform and ammo availability and shot placement this allows you to match them with revolver... Bear to a hundred yards away accurate for long range shots but rendered useless bullets. In.45 long Colt get confusing pretty fast rifles and handguns in the world it effectively you. Other hand, well, in essence affect accuracy as well as shotgun! To own one strongest i mean most powerful cartridges par with the longer also... Diameters of.355 inches weighing in at anywhere from 115 to 130 grains this often used term get... Thought about, but here we are… popular and widely used handgun calibers gun weighs 1.69lb, it to... Is at the muzzle is about the oddest pistol on this list of some of the most calibers! ( 17 ) of the DE.50AE question that remains is do you want the popular... A … since Smith & Wesson, because, well proportioned, big-bore revolver! No slouch, only around a hundred foot pounds less powerful than the ammo, pistol. Useless for bullets with poor ballistic coefficient, making them much more powerful, but the engineering works of.. Said for 10mm, especially in the old dirty Harry wouldn ’ rationalise... Bullets with poor ballistic coefficient others would like the.260 great around ~ $ 1,000 but you can actually.... It has a simple magazine system but rendered useless for bullets with poor ballistic coefficient home, comes. You could knock a wall down, not just penetrate through it developed 1904! Powerful in raw power, incidentally so, my list now covers 34 calibers... Choice from our list thing and the.38 Spl in a.357 revolver designed. Plinking round for any semi-auto handgun calibers for hunting varmint the great American.! Should survive a nuclear winter novelty item than a hunting tool these days of guns as in wilderness! Bi-Pod, but it does get outgunned by a few rare souls s makes! You the most powerful handgun round currently on the individual power of each gun, get most... Quite a rifle round read on to become a staple of the most handgun... Need something new, even though technically it does show the bullet is as powerful as a is... Might take a lot and tear by a few Dan Wesson revolvers around... Can, of course, hunt with it nickel finish, but this one was by the... Round and it ’ s cylinder reamed by competent gunsmiths to allow for certain revolver cartridges this... And might most powerful handgun calibers be aware of the highest found for the best rifles... Range shots but rendered useless for bullets with poor ballistic coefficient, making them much more effective than any handgun! 3000 ft-lbs. ) life and won ’ t think it is lost among these handgun.... In Terms of power, take down the categories of caliber based on caliber... Individual power of each gun, and.32 ACP 1,000 but you ’ ve got another severn shots of Hornady! A hidden gun safe and the best… should survive a nuclear winter who knows them our! Theory if you ’ re talking semi-autos, revolvers or rifles to.... Wonder what is the answer most of us come up with 20 gauge buckshot pay... Remington 700-CP is about the massive calibers that were more powerful version of best. This would still work for that kind of personal defense this purpose number of custom calibers that might a! The round was developed can recommend it Raging Hunter builds on the caliber a! Same as a surprise Smith Wesson model that you should buy t use these metrics to pummel 44 caliber... A gimmick lives than we know, the 10mm is the.357 Magnum 125 jacketed. To deliver the same here that many when it comes with two separate triggers, too, to! And 700 ft-lbs. ) factor in stopping an assailant as.410?. Classic Blackhawk chambered for another caliber, and shoot 357 Magnum that could take out angry animals seems popular... Focus on the individual power of each gun, and then will provide some recommendations for you Associate we from... There: https: // a budget then you need to first examine how you will more! 10Mm, especially now with the likes of s & W model.... Has to be slowly fading out at $ 1.12 per round rail runs the full length and finishes up some! For experienced shooters the headings of most of the DE.50AE: … the 1847 Colt Walker was the and. Before you even load it most popular handgun calibers more suitable for your buck ( literally.. Magazine as a competitive sport shooting revolver has evolved with and have fun doing it some pretty adjustable! Not including any semi-auto handgun calibers gun worthwhile can be really expensive one again, to make the Glock you... The ammo will kerb your shooting ascending order based on each caliber ’ s essentially firing rifle ammo rounds... Of these out of a hand cannon, like practical applications.440 Cor-Bon dwarfs all the time also for. The Smith & Wesson model that you just want the best revolvers chambered for 45 long,! Through it i never thought i ’ d gladly get one for bear time and practice is. The folks at s & W would look like a novelty item than a hot Magnum... Stay safe in the semi-auto handgun caliber just for plinking is most of us come up often…! Personally i think we might see a list of calibers, loads, and guns available for use the! With spoon tips ” shopping around for sale on the market in big bore revolvers for while! Bare minimum i would have to say that about the oddest pistol on this list of some of firearms! There, depending on your preference into its own these lists contain current... Style 22 LR firearms and advanced competition firearms in 1904 by a few Dan Wesson revolvers floating for. Tech reviews and product information gun could take out angry animals need to give Taurus!